Coolest Star Wars Episode 7 Party Supplies, Decorations and Props

How to plan a Star Wars The Force Awakens party bash

Star Wars Episode 7 party supplies, decorations and props are out and these themed party accessories are even more popular since the release of the Disney “The Force Awakens” in theatres. For kids and adults, the new episode of the legendary saga is also becoming a fascinating universe that allows their imagination go wild. Which fan of the saga hasn’t dreamed of flying in that galaxy far, far away – as said in the movies.

If there’s a fan in your household who’s fan of the intergalactic saga, Star Wars Episode 7 is the must-have themed birthday party she or he will not want to miss.

Send your Star Wars Episode 7 party invites

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Star Wars Episode 7 party invites are a first step in the right direction. Let’s begin with 5 easy steps to take:

  1. Figure out the number of party guests,
  2. Get your Star Wars 7 party invites (you can buy them online for a hassle-free party planning),
  3. Write your message — make sure to include the date and time along with your address or the address of the venue where the party will be held. If your guests are required to get dressed in Star Wars 7 costumes, let them know. Add other important information such as costume contest, games, etc. they’re supposed to take part to,
  4. Add an RSVP,
  5. Send your invitation cards.

Once you get your potential guests answers you can start planning the rest of the party and order all Star Wars 7 party supplies you will need to turn it into a success. Think of the themed Star Wars The Force Awakens thank you notes as well so as to show your gratitude after the party.

Search for Star Wars The Force Awakens party food ideas

Are your guests hungry? Are you planning to host a buffet party or limit yourself to provide them with sweet treats? Easy to make foods are pizzas, hamburgers and hot dogs. Give them an elegant twist: play with words and name them after the Star Wars 7 characters.

Another example is the making of a Star Wars Episode 7 cake which would be shaped like the BB-8 droid. Obviously you will also find Star Wars Episode 7 candles for cakes. These will bring even more pleasure to the children attending the party. Cupcakes will attract amateurs when presented in Star Wars Episode 7 cupcake wrappers that are personalized to the name of your loved one who’s celebrating his or her birthday.

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The Internet will provide you with a wide range of different Star Wars 7 party food ideas to choose from. A good start is to have a check at the Star Wars Episode 7 birthday party Pinterest boards.

Get themed Star Wars Episode 7 party supplies

Star Wars Episode 7 birthday party supplies come in handy to serve the food without thinking of the dish washing afterwards. There are different options here. You can get the supplies you actually need and order them pack by pack or you can buy a themed party pack, which would include even more than just plates, cups and cutlery set.

Stores offer square Star Wars Episode 7 dinner and dessert plates, two different types of The Force Awakens napkins, a themed plastic table cover or personalized placemats, paper cups and plastic stadium cups, and so on. Obviously you can get one Star Wars The Force Awakens set for parties which come with all the needed tableware and even, for deluxe packs, with balloons, curling ribbons and other decorative items.

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You can complete your table setting with a Star Wars Episode 7 themed table decorating kit (23 pieces) and if the clean up doesn’t disturb you, themed confetti will bring lots of pleasure to your guests.

Select your Star Wars 7 party decorations and props

Set up the mood. The Force Awakens decorations and props are here to help. The type of Star Wars Episode 7 party supplies you’re going to buy depends on your budget.

Star Wars Episode 7 balloons are a great way to start decorating for the party. These come in different models and colors: red and blue latex balloons sold in packs of 6, R2-D2 shaped balloons made out of foil and BB-8 foil balloons; both sold as single item. BB-8 is the new droid of the saga, and is representative of the seventh episode.

Star Wars Episode 7 party BB-8 balloonStar Wars VII BB-8 BalloonBuy from ShindigzStar Wars Episode 7 party latex balloonsStar Wars VII Latex BalloonsBuy from ShindigzStar Wars Episode 7 party r2-d2 foil balloonStar Wars R2D2 Gliding BalloonBuy from Shindigz

Although balloons are a classic when it comes to party decorations, you may want to go further and set up the scene. This can be done by using a themed Star Wars Episode 7 scene setter. It is not expensive at all and comes in 5 pieces (1 banner included) made out of lightweight plastic that can be hung using tape.

Other embellishments can include Star Wars Episode 7 honeycomb decorations, The Force Awakanes character danglers and silver swirls for a better science-fiction effect.

Plan Star Wars Force Awakens party games for kids and adults

Star Wars Episode 7 party party gameStar Wars Episode VII Party GameBuy from Shindigz

Are you ready for some Star Wars Episode 7 party games? Themed trivia games are a good option so as to make all party attendees participate. Another great party activity is having all attendees dressed in Star Wars The Force Awakens costumes and hold a costume contest. You can reward the contestant with a Star Wars Episode 7 Award Ribbon.

Supposing that all party attendees come dressed in costumes, you can ask them to recreate short sceneries from the movie or what they suppose will happen in the 8th episode. Provided that everybody’s creative, you’re on the right tracks to a huge amount of fun.

An alternative is getting one or more pre-made Star Wars Episode 7 board game and work in team. The first to finish the games wins the award ribbon.

Star Wars 7 party favors

Kids love getting little gifts at the end of a party. These provide them with memories from the event and they’re also a great way to thank them for having come. So you will want to prepare some for the little ones.

Stores offer a large range of different party favors and favor containers that you can choose from. Containers include Galaxy favor paper boxes, plastic pail and bags. Favors consist of The Force Awakens character paper masks, Star Wars Episode 7 tattoos, movie themed blowouts, mini drink bottles, bouncing balls, dog tags, glow sticks and more.

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As you can see it is not hard to make a Star Wars Episode 7 birthday party a memorable event. Have fun and… “May the Force be with you”.

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