Best Luau Party Ideas for Kids and Adults

luau birthday party ideas kidsColorful and flavorful Luau party ideas for kids

Welcome to this page that will list you the best Luau party ideas for kids and parents. Luau parties are colorful and flavorful and suitable for both children and adults. Coming up with Luau party ideas for kids and adults isn’t always easy. Yet, throwing such events for the children isn’t hard to do and from this setting, at dusk, switching to Hawaiian Luau parties for adults is even more fun.

Luau feasts were born when King Kamehameha II decided to put an end to Hawaiian religious taboos. Luau feast quickly became a traditional feast. Nowadays, people throw Hawaiian Luau parties for all kinds of occasion, from birthdays to anniversaries or simply to enjoy the warmth in summertime.

So, if you’re ready, let’s start with these expected Luau party ideas for kids and adults.

hawaiian lei

Luau party invitations for kids and adults

Aloha Summer Invitations Pkg/8Aloha Summer Invitations Pkg/8Buy Now from ShindigzOne of the very first Luau party ideas for kids we have to talk through is the selection of the guests. This is a part that is highly motivating, for both kids and parents. For the purpose you’ll make a list of the potential attendees and choose the invites. Prefer to opt for themed invites, so that your future party guests know right away the kind of event they’re going to attend.

So for this feast, you’ll choose Luau birthday party invitations. The design of your Luau party invitations will depend on whether the occasion is only for children or may include adults. Your Luau party invitations must clearly let your potential guests know if they’re invited to a Luau birthday party for kids or grownups or just a fun get together. For a Luau birthday party for kids exclusively, you’ll choose a more naive theme than for an a mixed get together, of course.

You will send these invites at least one month ahead. This timing ensures that most of your future guests are going to be able to come. I also recommend to add an RSVP so that you’ll know who’s coming and who’s unable to make it to your home.

Kids and adults Luau party venues

It’s fine to list the best best Luau party ideas for kids and parents, yet there is the party venue to think of. The area where the party is going to be held highly depends on the atmospheric conditions. For parties held during hot summer days, the backyard is the ideal place to have fun. For example, you can rent a tent and hold the party in the garden. Doing so allows for a bunch of Luau party ideas for kids and adults; from Hawaii themed games to water activities, Luau costume to limbo contest, and even dancing all through the night; without having to clean the home afterwards.

In case you are planning to host a winter luau party, then you will have no other option but holding it indoors. You can in this case turn different rooms of the home into party venues. For example, the dining room can still play its role in that that it becomes the buffet area, the sitting room can be the bar area, etc. Now you can always rent a ball room, especially if you have to entertain several dozens of guests.

Luau party costume ideas

Tropical Sunset Lei Pkg/12Tropical Sunset Lei Pkg/12Some more Luau party ideas for kids – and grownups – also include some costumes. When planning a Luau party for kids, it’s important to make everything match to the Hawaiian party theme. This is why your child would probably want to wear a matching costume.

Actually, you can create the perfect tropical attire with hula skirt, a Hawaiian flower lei (a 4th of July costume Luau party idea would be a red, white and blue lei), a flower bracelet and a flower headband. Kids can keep their standard clothes under these accessories.

Plan tropical flower shaped sunglasses for each guest. Give them when they arrive at the party so that they directly feel the warm Luau mood.

Prepare a few flower Leis so that you welcome your guests the Hawaiian way. Leis are cheap and make fantastic party favors as well.

Click here to learn how to make a flower lei.

hawaiian lei

Luau theme party decorations

Luau theme party decorations are another thing to take indo consideration when planning such entertaining events. Stores offer a wide range of Luau theme party decorations to enable you to set the right mood. For example, tropical flowers such as artificial hibiscus can be displayed around the party area or hibiscus petals sprinkled on the tables or the buffet table. Palm or banana tree leaves will also greatly enhance the place.

You can also simply have some flower shaped balloons and parrot ballons that would greatly replace flowers and leaves. These decorative items won’t cost you an arm and a leg and set the right tone to the party.

Purple Hibiscus Foil BalloonPurple Hibiscus Foil BalloonParrot Mylar BalloonParrot Mylar Balloon

Inflatable palm trees and beach balls make also fantastic Luau theme party decorations. These will add a realistic touch to the decor and make your guests feel like if they’re actually in Hawaii. The overall theme should be thought beforehand as Hawaii is well known for its wonderful beaches and surf venues but also for its luxurious colorful gardens. Some Tiki paper lanterns hung from the tree branches or from a string running from one place of the garden to another and even a few Tiki or bamboo torches spread all around the party area will increase the Hawaiian ambiance.

You might have to choose to host a party in the sand or on the grass. My preference goes to the grass – with the so beautiful Luau party props available on the market, I couldn’t resist. The one that’s the best option includes a bottle cooler – this enables you to decorate the space and keep beverages cold all at once.

6' Inflatable Palm Tree Cooler6′ Inflatable Palm Tree CoolerBuy Now from ShindigzCoconut UkuleleCoconut UkuleleBuy Now from Shindigz

There are so many different Luau theme party decorations that you can get inspired from. Stores offer themed backdrops so as to enable you to recreate the environment – indispensable if you host a winter Luau party. Other Luau party props may include photo boots, palm, waterfall or volcano standees, tropical themed arches for the party entrance, surf boards, tiki bars, yard signs, flamingos made of plastic, parrots, artificial flowers, … You can even find entire packages including all the Luau party props you need for the best themed get together ever.

Luau party table decorations

Ah Luau party table decorations are another matter. You will surely want to turn your table into a Hawaiian table so as to make it look even more realistic. For such a purpose, a tiki tablecover that comes with raffia looking skirt is perfect. Luau party table decorations include also centerpieces that make you able to not spend too much on embellishments while providing the guests with a tropical feeling. For example, a pineapple made out of paper or plastic, coconut votive candles, mini palm trees or tabletop tiki lights will have a very Hawaiian effect.

You can also make your very own Luau party table decorations with some creativeness, some seashells, starfishes and some sand. This will offer a beach look to the dinner – and people will think they’re dining at the seaside.

Raffia & Seashell Table SkirtRaffia & Seashell Table SkirtReal Coconut CupReal Coconut Cup

Instead of using a tablecover you can place a few tropical leaves on which to display the plates and other dinnerware. More Luau table decorations include beach towels as chair ornaments. Fruits such as coconuts, bananas, pineapples have their place in all Luau parties for kids and adults and you will want to add as many of them as possible. A great idea would be to serve drinks in coconut cups. Remember to decorate drink containers with slices of pineapple and/or paper parasol picks.

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Luau themed party supplies – dinnerware

After the decorations and the table settings, it’s time for us to think of Luau themed party supplies – more particularly the dinnerware. Since you want to be part of the fun and don’t want to spend the day and night cleaning up the kitchen and doing the dish was, opt for Luau themed party dinnerware made out of paper. It’s, in my opinion, one of the best Luau party options. Yet the Tiki glass tumblers sold by some online stores are just delightful and you may not resist in getting one dozen of them. Plus they make fantastic Luau party favors your guests will be grateful for.

Here again, you are offered a large range of options and I recommend selecting the one that best fits with the kind of guests. For children I recommend to opt for kids Luau party supplies that come with their favorite theme. But they might just fall in love for a personalized Luau party theme. If you host a party in the night for adults or mixed group, opt for more generic Luau themed party supplies.

Hula Honey Personlaized Dessert Plates Pkg/8Hula Honey Personlaized Dessert Plates Pkg/8Buy Now from ShindigzBamboo Weave Dinner Plates Pkg/8Bamboo Weave Dinner Plates Pkg/8Buy Now from Shindigz

Depending on the number of guests you expect, you’ll get a 8 or 16 persons party set. Most ultimate Luau themed party supplies packs  include:

  • Dinner plates
  • Dessert plates
  • Paper cups
  • Napkins
  • Cutlery set
  • Tablecover
  • Balloons
  • Crepe paper and curling ribbon
  • Banner

hawaiian lei

Luau party favor ideas

Flower Hair ClipsFlower Hair ClipsBuy Now from ShindigzYou can’t host a get together without giving the attendees a little something. This has become a tradition. Here are some Luau party favor ideas for you to take into consideration.

Luau party favors for kids are easy to find. Provided that you get some Luau themed favor boxes or better, but especially for little girls, a themed handbag; you can fill them with candy, a seashell bracelet or hibiscus hairclip (for girls), a shark tooth necklace or wrist lei (for boys), mammal shaped water guns, plush sharks, etc. Little girls may also enjoy getting lip balm. The list of Luau party favors is quite long and includes, seashell necklaces, chocolates, maracas, sipper cups, etc.

When it comes to adults, Luau party favor ideas are also easy to find. For them you can fill a themed bag with a key tag, a lip gloss, a Luau themed card deck, a lei, a straw hat, a compact miror, personalized hand lotion, Luau coasters, a mini hula skirt, personalized bottle labels, and so on. You won’t have to invest too much money in these Luau party favors as most of them are low priced.

Fun Luau party activities for all

Fun Luau party games and activities

Never run out of Luau party ideas for kids and adults! You’re almost done… Now think of keeping the children occupied for the whole afternoon. Adults are easy to entertain as, besides the music and dance, they can talk about almost anything with each other. However for kids, you must plan ahead and take measures for them to never get bored.  So think of some fun Luau party games or activities to do with them. Here are some ideas for you to get going:

  • Plan a seashell hunt after which you would give them Luau party favors as reward.
  • Host a limbo contest; which will tell you which kid does the limbo the best.
  • Water activities are a great way to entertain Luau party guests – if you have a pool at home, I suggest to plan a few water games.
  • Give kids some printable Luau party games (that you can play with them) and coloring pages at the end of the afternoon.

Hawaiian Luau music background

Blue Hawaiian: 50 Tropical SongsBlue Hawaiian: 50 Tropical Songs

Entertaining your guests will also have to include Hawaiian Luau music. Music is full part of a successful Luau party for everyone. So set up a Hawaiian music playlist or get some CDs or download some tunes from the Amazon music streaming service. This is the best way to entertain both kids and adults during the entire party.

With the music going on the background, your guests will certainly want to dance. This also will provide them with memories to share for a lifetime.

A great idea would be to take some Luau dance classes so that you can offer a demo to your party attendees. Then if you hold a limbo contest, you cannot do it without some music. So go ahead and download these tunes. Above all, have fun, lots of fun!

Aloha 🙂


More information about the traditional Luau feast

For more information and in order to help you to plan your incredible Luau party this year, here are some websites that are worth a look.

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Official Germaine’s Luau Web site. The Original Hawaiian Luau
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