Themed Birthday Cupcake Party Supplies for Girls

How to plan a birthday cupcake party for your daughter

birthday cupcake party supplies for little princessAre you planning a birthday cupcake party for your little princess? Then Lil Cupcake party supplies are those you need to use to set the mood.

Planning a themed birthday cupcake party is the easiest way to prepare a fun kids get together as it allows you to have a theme to follow and to link everything from birthday party invitations to birthday cake to thank you notes. In addition, a birthday party theme brings more fun among the guests. Which little girl wouldn’t feel like in Wonderland when taking part to a princess themed birthday party?

Here you will find the elements for setting up a themed cupcake birthday party for your daughter. Everything, from cupcake themed birthday party invitations to thank you notes have been listed in this page.  You will even find that these sweet treats make exquisite birthday costumes!

Everyone does celebrate birthdays. And the simplest way to start planning a themed cupcake birthday party for little girls it through the sending of  themed invitations to your potential guests. Make sure to add an RSVP to your invitation cards with a deadline so that you know how many guests you are going to entertain.

Lil Cupcake party supplies in a box

Girls Lil' Cupcake 2nd Birthday Standard Party Pack for 8Girls Lil’ Cupcake 2nd Birthday Standard Party Pack for 8So that you stick to the themed cupcake birthday party, you now are going to get the dinner/dessert party set.

Party accessories such as plates, cups, napkins, etc. are an incredible time and work saver when hosting a birthday party as you will get everything in one package and won’t have to wash the dishes after the party.

Obviously you can find a birthday cupcake party set in any good store. Party accessories such as napkins, cups, and streamers can be purchased to coordinate with the party invitation theme

In the customized basic party supplies pack, you will find (you choose the number of items and the items you wish to be added to the pack):


  • Dinner plates,
  • Dessert plates,
  • Paper cups,
  • Cutlery set,
  • Napkins,
  • Hot pink tablecover,
  • Balloons,
  • Curling ribbon,
  • Thank you cards.

Assuming that you’re going to entertain and feed more than 8 guests on your daughter’s birthday cupcake party, chances are that you’ll need more materials such as plates, cups, napkins, etc. However, you will probably not want to buy another candle, table cover, balloon, etc. sets. Stores make it easy for you to order the indispensable elements separately from the whole package.

Girl's Lil' Cupcake 1st Birthday 9 oz. Cups (8)Girl’s Lil’ Cupcake 1st Birthday 9 oz. Cups (8)Girl's Lil' Cupcake 1st Birthday Dessert Plates (8)Girl’s Lil’ Cupcake 1st Birthday Dessert Plates (8)Girl's Lil' Cupcake 1st Birthday Dinner Plates (8)Girl’s Lil’ Cupcake 1st Birthday Dinner Plates (8)Girl's Lil' Cupcake 2nd Birthday Lunch Napkins (16)Girl’s Lil’ Cupcake 2nd Birthday Lunch Napkins (16)



Cupcake Themed Decoration Add-ons

Because you want to make this day special and memorable, planning a birthday cupcake party implies to decorate the room where the party will take place. Therefore you are going to make sure to get the smallest detail right so that your loving daughter has a fantastic birthday party.

As for any other themed party, a cupcake birthday party requires to get matching decorating items. You have already get your dinner set list, now you are going to find cupcake themed decorations and props.

Most of these are included in the Cupcake 2nd Birthday set mentioned above but of course. Cupcake birthday foil balloons and cupcake birthday banners are available as stand alone items.

The easiest way to prepare a cupcake themed room for your daughter’s birthday party is through the use of themed Sweet Lil Cupcake wall decals or cutouts, adorable hanging swirls that come in exquisite pastel colors, and, of course, foil balloons and balloon bouquets.

Birthday 'Sweet Lil' Cupcake Girl' Cutouts (30pc)Birthday ‘Sweet Lil’ Cupcake Girl’ Cutouts (30pc)Girls Lil' Cupcake 1st Birthday Balloon BouquetGirls Lil’ Cupcake 1st Birthday Balloon BouquetBirthday 'Sweet Lil' Cupcake Girl' Hanging Swirl Decorations (12pc)Birthday ‘Sweet Lil’ Cupcake Girl’ Hanging Swirl Decorations (12pc)


Themed Birthday Cupcake Party Favors

A way to thank your guests for coming is to give party favors. While party favors may consist of candy, I’d suggest to stick to your theme and provide your little guests with themed Sweet Lil Cupcake birthday party favors. Depending on how large is your budget you are going to choose whether simple birthday blowouts or a nice little box filled with a plush cupcake, activity book, crayons and a few other accessories.

An alternative would be getting a cupcake shaped piñata (on assumption that you can find one in a good store) and fill it with as many cupcake themed party favors and/or candy as you want. Then let the kids watch those little treasures fall from the cupcake themed piñata.

Girl's Lil' Cupcake 2nd Birthday Blowouts (8)Girl’s Lil’ Cupcake 2nd Birthday Blowouts (8)Girl's Lil' Cupcake 2nd Birthday Cone HatsGirl’s Lil’ Cupcake 2nd Birthday Cone HatsGirl's Lil' Cupcake 1st Birthday Party Favor Box Party AccessoryGirl’s Lil’ Cupcake 1st Birthday Party Favor Box Party Accessory1st Birthday 'Sweet Lil' Cupcake Girl' Party Game Poster (1ct)1st Birthday ‘Sweet Lil’ Cupcake Girl’ Party Game Poster (1ct)


Cupcake Themed Party Costume

Another question you might ask yourself is to whether go for a costumed birthday cupcake party or not. Getting a costume isn’t mandatory to take pleasure from a birthday party. Yet, you surely want your little princess to be the most beautiful child of the day.

Like any other little girl, your daughter will surely want to be dressed as a princess. Alternatively, she might also want to wear an exquisite cupcake fairy costume. You will thus want to look closer into the category of cupcake themed costumes: stores have nowadays a wide range of cupcake decorated clothes for sale and the hardest task is surely going to make decision on which costume to choose.

Cupcake Fairy Toddler / Child Costume, X-Small (4)Cupcake Fairy Toddler / Child Costume, X-Small (4)Princess Paradise Girls Cupcake Fairy Child Wings Pink One SizePrincess Paradise Girls Cupcake Fairy Child Wings Pink One SizePrincess Paradise Girls Cupcake Fairy Child Headband Pink One SizePrincess Paradise Girls Cupcake Fairy Child Headband Pink One Size


Sweet Lil Cupcake Invitations and Thank You Notes

Time has come to thank your guests for having come. Not only this is a way to honor those persons who attended your party but it is also a great way to create sweet memories of the party for children who were partying with your daughter.

You can save a lot of time if you match the thank you notes with the cupcake birthday party theme and order them at the same time that you order the party invitation cards.

Girl's Lil' Cupcake 1st Birthday Invitations (Pack Of 10)Girl’s Lil’ Cupcake 1st Birthday Invitations (Pack Of 10)Girl's Lil' Cupcake 2nd Birthday Invitations (8)Girl’s Lil’ Cupcake 2nd Birthday Invitations (8)Girl's Lil' Cupcake 1st Birthday Thank-You Notes (8)Girl’s Lil’ Cupcake 1st Birthday Thank-You Notes (8)


Cupcake Themed Birthday Cake

What are you going to do? Bake and decorate your own homemade birthday cake or cupcakes? Or order a ready-make cupcake themed cake (or cupcake assortment) at the local bakery?

Regarding the birthday cake, I’d suggest an option which will bring you more satisfaction.

The first option would be baking as many cupcakes as you expect attendees and that you decorate them with edible pastel pink and purple colors as well as some edible decorating items such as stars, dots, etc.

Whenever you decide on preparing cupcakes yourself, here are a few examples – from stand alone cupcakes and pull apart cupcakes to tiered cupcakes – of how cupcakes can make wonderful birthday cakes.

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