Super Why Birthday Party Supplies and Ideas for Kids

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Super Why birthday party supplies make it so easy to set up a super fun party for your little ones. Here you are going to find the best Super Why birthday ideas, Super Why costumes for kids and toddlers. Next step will be the wonderful Super Why party decorations that will turn your room into wonderland. You are also going to be given a selection of the most entertaining super why games kids can play along with adorable Super Why party favors little ones can bring back home after the fun.

Super Why birthday party supplies for kids rock!

Super Why was an innovative preschool series designed to help children from ages 3 to 6, with the critical skills needed to learn to read. Each episode had a problem that was something a preschooler can relate to, involving a Storybrook Village character, which the child would need preschool social skills to solve.

Thanks to it popularity, Super Why! has evolved into an assortment of products available to parents. If your child loves Super Why and his mates, you will want to get your hands on Super Why birthday party supplies for him/her. And Super Why birthday parties require themed supplies such as:

  • Themed party invitation cards,
  • Super Why party decorations,
  • Themed cake or cupcakes,
  • Super Why birthday party pack for the table,
  • Party favors to give the kids at the end of the party,
  • Super Why party activities and games,
  • Costumes for the kids if you host a costumed party.

Super Why birthday invitations

Super Why! Invitations (8)Super Why! Invitations (8)


A first step to take when planning such an event is the sending of invites. This way you know the number of guests your party should be set for. And since you decided on a theme, you will send the matching invites. Super Why birthday invitations are especially designed for this. I suggest to send these invitation cards one or two months before the party so as to make sure everybody’s able to attend it. Also add an RSVP to make sure you get replies and don’t forget the Super Why thank you notes – you will need them after the party.

Super Why costumes for toddlers and children

Super Why costume for kids - Size: 3T-4TSuper Why costume for kids – Size: 3T-4T


The Super Why TV show had become such a great learning tool for young children to develop their reading skills. Many can’t imagine anything better than becoming one of them. And this is doable thanks to Super Why costumes for toddlers and Super Why costumes for kids. This party outfit comes in different sizes that fit toddlers (3T-4T) and children between 4 and 6. The attire consists of a jumpsuit, the superhero cape and the famous eye mask.

Super Why party decorations

Super Why Party Balloon Decoration KitSuper Why Party Balloon Decoration Kit


Next Super Why birthday party supplies to focus on: room decorations. Children are also thrilled to learn that there are Super Why party decorations that can help set the theme to the room. Let’s start with the most important point of the day: everybody has to know that it’s your child’s birthday. For the purpose, use a themed personalized banner with your little darling one’s name printed on it. Then get some help from themed balloon displayed all around the room. A Super Why pull string piƱata, can be used as a decorative element for a while.

Display themed birthday hats on the table so that little ones can wear them right from the start. Place a Super Why table centerpiece on the center of the table and you’re all set.

Super Why birthday party supplies for the table

Super Why! Standard Party Pack for 16Super Why! Standard Party Pack for 16


When hosting a birthday party, you can’t do without preparing a themed table and providing your guests with foods. You will thus need themed Super Why birthday party supplies to set up the table theme. The Super Why birthday party packs are here to help. They are designed with little ones in mind and also with moms who won’t have to do the dish washing afterwards. Your little guests will definitely enjoy a the colorful elements displayed on the table. Here’s a Super Why birthday party pack that will do the job for up to 16 party attendees. It consists of:

  • 16 dinner and dessert plates,
  • 16 themed napkins,
  • 1 colorful cutlery set,
  • 16 paper cups,
  • 1 table cover,
  • Latex balloons,
  • 1 foil balloon,
  • Crepe paper and ribbon,
  • Candles for the cake.

Super Why Party Favors

Super Why! Filled Party Favor BoxSuper Why! Filled Party Favor Box


Ah kids love nothing as much as taking part to birthday parties with their pals. Oh, wait a minute… They also love to get a little surprise at the end of the party. Super Why party favors are the best option for the little ones to leave the party venue with a little something. These themed Super Why party favor boxes are the perfect choice for your super birthday party. Here are all the little surprises little ones will find in the box:

  • 1 sticker sheet,
  • 1 notepad,
  • 1 Snap and glow lollipop,
  • 1 blowout,
  • 4 colorful crayons,
  • 1 yo-yo.

Super Why Cake Toppers

Super Why Edible Cake Topper DecorationSuper Why Edible Cake Topper Decoration


No cake, no fun, no party. You may not plan on ordering a custom made cake for the occasion. I which case, there is a good alternative: the edible Super Why cake toppers. Here’s what I suggest: prepare your usual cake filled with butter cream. Then top it with one of the themed Super Why cake toppers available in stores. These edible images are made out of sugar and look great on birthday cakes.

The diameter of this icing sheet is +/- 7.5″. It makes a perfect element to decorate your little one’s birthday cake. Instructions on how to apply this icing sheet are included in the pack. As an alternative, you will find larger Super Why cake toppers or cute edible cupcake toppers or picks if you opt for that type of treats.

Super Why games kids can play at the party

Super Why! Activity Placemat Kit for 4Super Why! Activity Placemat Kit for 4


Let’s take a look at the activities you can plan for the kids. Little ones actually need to be entertained all the time. For the purpose, there is a large variety of Super Why games kids can play at the party. These range from themed coloring pages to board games. In addition to the activity placemats featured above, here are a few of such Super Why games for kids available on the market:

Super Why Hidden Word board game – kids have to use the magnifying glass to find the hidden words.

Super Why ABC Letter game – helps develop kids’ reading skills (for 2 up to 4 players).

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