How To Plan Pretty in Pink Hello Kitty Party

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Little girls enjoy Hello Kitty parties

All little girls have a passion for the sweetly iconic look of Hello Kitty. The Hello Kitty Balloon Dreams Party Pack is thus perfect for holding such a themed party.

Planning such a party is very easy as you can find an extended range of different supplies that will help you get going. You can quickly set up your theme by using ready-to-go party packs and adding a few touches of pastel elements to the decor. Do you need some help? Here you are…

Hello Kitty Party Supplies at Birthday Express

Perfect Pretty in Pink Hello Kitty party plan

Let’s begin our party with the invites. How many guests are going to attend your little darling’s birthday festivities? I suggest to define that number a few weeks before holding the event. Make a list with all potential names and then send invites. A good way to set up the holiday mood is by sending Hello Kitty Balloon Dreams Invitations. This way your party guests know what they can expect beforehand.

Make sure to add an RSVP to the invite so that you know who’s going to enjoy the festivities. Once you are aware of the number of guests, you can go further in your plans and decide on the food, beverages, favors and more.

Ideas for party food and beverages

An unique kind of treat that is going to keep the sugar level low at the same time you can get creative and bake mini muffins. Fill them with no sugar jam and other fillings kids will love and place each tiny muffin in a pink cupcake wrapper. Another option is using a three tiered plate and display a wide array of different mini tea sandwiches. Naturally a themed cake topped with matching topper can be served later on.

Themed beverages can be served. For example serve strawberry flavored and colored milk in mini milk bottles that will work wonders with pink striped straws. If you’re sure that kids may enjoy different flavors, you can add even more colors using such a technique: ananas/yellow; blueberries/blue; kiwi/green, etc. Fruit juices will also work wonders if you are unsure as to whether some kids might have allergies to milk.

Save money and time with a complete Hello Kitty party in a box

The ultimate Hello Kitty party in a box is ideal for you to prepare your little one’s birthday. It is easy to build as you can choose to have it ready for between 8 to up to 16 guests.

All items are set to minimum order 1 (for 8 party guests), all you have to do is add more products to your pack. You can check the price any time on the right of the page.

Hello Kitty Balloon Dreams Party PacksTableware:

  • Dinner and dessert plates
  • Themed paper cups
  • Colorful napkins
  • A tablecover
  • A cutlery set including forks and spoons
  • Pink candles for the cake
  • Placemats that are also activity centers


  • Curling ribbon rolls (pink and blue)
  • Colored balloons (pink and turquoise)
  • Rolls of crepe paper (2 x pink and 1 x blue)
  • One foil balloon themed
  • One Kitty shaped foil balloon
  • One table decorating kit
  • Swirls and pompoms to hang from the ceiling
  • One birthday banner that you can personalize

Party favors

  • Themed hats made out of cardboard
  • Stickers
  • Blowouts
  • Rings adorned with Kitty’s face
  • Favor boxes
  • Scented roll glitter
  • Colorful nail polish kits
  • Themed tiara
  • Lollipop ring
  • Water bottle
  • Favor mega pack (not suitable for kids under 3)

Activities for the party attendees

  • Shaped pinata, buster and blindfold
  • Pinata fillers with toys and candy

Other accessories

  • Thank you notes
  • Swirl lollipops

How to decorate your little one’s Pretty in Pink Hello Kitty party

Although the primary color of your party is pink, you can let your imagination go wild and add more colors. Personally I’d go for a pastel palette that would consits in accent pieces that brighten the theme.

Blue, yellow, green, peach are colors that match the theme pretty well. For example, sprinkle Hello Kitty confetti on the table. Themed rings can be used as napkin holders. Things can be also kept as simple as placing a Hello Kitty Table Decorating Kit on the center of the table.

And then, once the party decor has been set, ask your little girl to choose her Hello Kitty costume (different sizes available from toddler to adult sizes). With such a cute tutu dress she will be the center of the star of her party.

Hello Kitty Party Supplies at Birthday Express

Plan some related party activities

Kids enjoy nothing as much as piƱatas, and the Hello Kitty Pinata is the ideal major activity this afternoon. The item is filled with different kinds of treats: candy and toy gits. A word of caution though, pinatas can lead to let your home quite messy afterwards. But after all, it’s your loving little one’s birthday.

Though if you definitely do not want to have to work a lot, you can prepare favor boxes on your own. For such a purpose you will need themed bags or boxes and a pack of favors (these often include stickers, rings, Hello Kitty PEZ dispensers, colorful bracelets, etc.). Fill a big bowl with the favors and place it along with the bags or boxes on the table. Kids will love filling their own Hello Kitty party favor box or bag.

A good way to keep the kids entertained during the party is through themed games such as Hello Kitty Balloon Dream Game that includes a game board, blindfold and sticker sheets. These activities can also be done using coloring books.

For a full selection of Hello Kitty party supplies, visit Birthday Express – where you can plan the perfect party from start to finish every time!

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