The Best Jurassic World Birthday Party Ideas

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Jurassic World birthday party ideas for kids

Coming up with the best Jurassic World birthday party ideas is a must since the release of the movie in June 2015. They’ve been a hit last summer and are still extremely popular among kids. All kids and grownups want to host their very own Jurassic World birthday party. Jurassic World is the 4th episode of the highly dangerous dinosaurus park saga. These fun and frightful get together can be planned and set up with ease. You will find related costumes and party supplies in the best online stores.

Here are the best Jurassic World birthday party ideas to help you prepare the most unforgettable dinosaurus era themed get together ever.

jurassic world party decoration - Jurassic World Ultimate Party PackJurassic World Ultimate Party Pack

Jurassic World party invites

Jurassic World InvitationsJurassic World InvitationsBuy Now

The best Jurassic World birthday party ideas begin with the sending of themed invitation cards.

Jurassic World party invites are a great head-start for your fun event as the guests will know beforehand what the theme is going to be. Though the beautiful teeth of this gigantic creature on the cards might impress them a bit – Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

Send these T-Rex party invitations some time before the date, this enables your guests to make sure they will not book other activities on this day. Also let them know if you are hosting a lunch/dinner party or an afternoon gathering with a cake and some drinks.

Do not forget to mention the exact address where the party is held. A good thing is to let your guests know if they are required to get costumed for the event.

Always add an RSVP so you know the food quantities and drinks to buy.

Jurassic World birthday party decorations

Jurassic World Balloon BouquetJurassic World Balloon Bouquet

Jurassic World birthday party decorations should include a jungle theme – just like in the movie. You will thus decorate your home in such a way. So A good start is the use of a door cover that would welcome your party guests. The party area will greatly profit from a T-Rex standup.

This T-Rex prop is made out of cardboard and easy to assemble. With such a party prop your guests will have memories to share for the rest of their lives: be ready to take pictures of each party attendee along with this awful creature.

Other Jurassic World birthday party decorations consist in jungle tree backdrops, which are realistic renditions of the jungle. Obviously, if you are feeling quite creative you can always craft some faux trees out of big pieces cardboard.

This makes a fantastic activity for the kids to cut and paint these party props. Dinosaurus eggs are easy to make and should be part of the decor. You will find egg shaped styrofoam in craft stores, ready to be painted. As an alternative you can get a dinosaurus nest pre-made from the store; this makes a fantastic photo boot.

Jurassic World glider planes and hanging swirls can be hung from the ceiling (or the trees if you host the party outside). Themed banners and balloons are available for the finishing touches of the space decor.

Homemade decorations will add to the atmosphere. I really like the idea of having a bit of realistic jungle in the house or the backyard. Here is how to proceed: place a plastic cover in the area you select for the diorama; cover with ground, crush a brick and sprinkle the pieces on the ground, add some straw and ornamental mulch. For the finishing touches, use dino eggs made out of styrofoam or papier mache.

jurassic world party decoration - dinosaurus cutout

Fun activity for Jurassic World birthday parties: cut out brontosaurus silhouettes

Jurassic World birthday table supplies

Among the best Jurassic World birthday party ideas, we find… the table. One of the best ways to keep your party attendees happy is through the menu. Offering an array of great themed foods can be easily done with some creativeness. In the dinosaurus world, you will find vegetarians and carnivores. The best way to make everybody fond of your buffet is to prepare different trays filled with a variety of ingredients.

For example, the vegetarians will love filling their Jurassic World plates with sliced cucumbers, grated celery and carrots, steamed broccoli and cauliflowers. Meat eaters will enjoy seeing grilled turkey legs on their own plates. Obviously, eggs can play their part on your table.

Jurassic World Decorating KitJurassic World Decorating KitBuy Now

More food ideas include dino shaped chicken or fish nuggets. As for the dessert, how about chocolate mousse topped with colorful sprinkles, a sugar egg and dino gums?

For the kids, the dinosaurus cups can be filled with a preparation of green beverages. You can give a try to a cocktail such as Diabolo Mint (mix of mint syrup and water). Instead, a natural orange juice with a drop of blue food coloring will quickly turn it into a green drink kids will love. For adults, how about a white sangria turned into a jungle drink with the help of food coloring?

There cannot be Jurassic World birthday parties without a themed luscious dessert. Do you need some Jurassic World birthday cake ideas or help? No problem, stores will provide you with a fantastic jurassic dino cake topper. This one consists in a T-Rex figure as well as the well known park gate (the gate really opens and kids will love playing with these decorations). These items can be easily placed on a cake decorated with a jungle theme.

Since we never run of Jurassic World birthday party ideas, here’s a good alternative: make cupcakes to impress the little ones. For the decorating part, you can match the theme with a frosting conceived like dark green grass (use a Wilton grass tip) or a multicolored frosting (use a Wilton color swirl).

As you will see, your party attendees will love eating in their favorite dino party supplies. Different Jurassic World themed party packs can be bought online – doing so saves time and keeps off the stress. These range from basic packs including the essential dinner supplies (plates, cups, napkins, tablecover, cutlery set, candles, ribbons, invitation cards and latex balloons) to ultimate package (which comes with activity placemats, straws, cupcake wrappers, party favors, themed balloons, crepe paper, tree cutouts and more – all items are optional).

Activities for Jurassic World birthday parties

jurassic park birthday party supplies - Jurassic World PinataJurassic World PinataBuy Now

Themed activities are a big part of successful Jurassic World birthday parties. You can plan a scavenger hunt for the kids to find dino eggs hidden in the backyard (those eggs can be made out of styrofoam as mentioned earlier).

You can also hide party favors and have the kids to find them or fill a pinata with lots of mini themed toys and let the children enjoy beating the pinata.

Jurassic World party favors include:

Tiny dino figures, themed stickers, bounce balls (what a fun present!), rubber bracelets, tattoos.

The pinata can also be filled with candy or standard tiny toys such as magnifying glasses, yo-yos, kaleidoscope spy glasses, etc. The choice is yours.

For educational yet fun games, the Jurassic World official website offers some free printables such as coloring pages, word search and crosswords. Click here to download them.

jurassic world birthday party decorations

Making T-Rex silhouette garlands is a fun craft for kid’s Jurassic World birthday parties


WABA Fun Triceratops Kinetic Sand Dino Digs

Other Jurassic themed activities can consist in

Building of a terrarium (fill a transparent container with ground, straw, add some leaves, put a dino egg made out of papier mache and finish using a dino toy.

Cutting dinosaurus foot prints out of construction paper. These also make great decorations when sprinkled in the pathway.

Creating an archeology site out of a sandbox. Fill with sand, hide some plastic dino bones in it. Provide kids with brushes and let them enjoy the discovery of those treasures.

Stores provide you with stunning digging kits like the Smithsonian Diggin’ Up Dinosaurs T-Rex (the dino is made out of plastic and can be assembled afterwards; this makes a wonderful way to keep the kids occupied).

There is also the excellent Dig A Dino Excavation Kit 3 Pack. This one comes T-Rex, Triceratops and Stegasaurus for the children along with instructions and special digging accessories. A quiz is also included in this three pack kit.

Jurassic World costumes

One of the best Jurassic World birthday party ideas requires from the guests to come dressed in matching costumes. The movie also inspired a range of different costumes for children and adults. From now on you can order inflatable T-Rex costumes for kids and grownups. Dino masks can also be found online and would work great with a homemade dino costume. Click here for Jurassic World masks and costume ideas.

I hope these few ideas will help you setting up the most successful dinosaurus birthday party ever. Have fun 🙂

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