Baby 1st Owl Pal Birthday Party

The Owl Pal birthday party theme is the perfect theme on which to base your neutral gender baby’s birthday. Babies are cute but grow up so quickly… Do they turn one, they already babble, then start crawling on their hands and knees. A few moments later, they stand on their feet and walk like you and me. In the blink of an eye your baby has become a child, goes to school, turns a tween and then a teen… Twenty years pass like twenty minutes and they’re getting married, become parents. So you want to make this 1st birthday memorable. This can be done with this absolutely cute Owl Pal birthday party theme.

Baby’s first steps with Owl Pal birthday party ideas

Inflatable Owl

Inflatable Owl

One has barely time to profit from these magic moments brought by our little ones. That is why when a baby turns one, you want to make the most of the occasion and do everything to keep memories to cherish for a lifetime. Celebrating your little one’s first year on Earth with an Owl Pal birthday party theme is the best way to capture these intense moments with your child.

Although your child will not remember his/her first birthday party you will be able to show her the fun it was. For this purpose you are going to plan the right party. The Owl Pal birthday party supplies come in a pack that has everything for you to turn this party into a success.

Here are some more tips for you to get going.

Owl Pal birthday party invitation cards

The first thing that you need to do is to make sure that you send out invitation cards to your potentiall guests.  Having party guests at your child’s birthday party is one of the most important things that you can do so that they will be able to remember some other friends.

Owl Pal birthday party supplies

owl first birthday party supplies

Owl Pal Birthday Ultimate Party Pack

The Owl Pal birthday party ultimate pack makes it so easy for you to decorate the room and the table. It includes so many different items that it is going to be a piece of cake to put the finishing touches to the party decor by getting a few additional elements.

Here is what you will get from the ultimate version of this party pack:

  • Dinner and dessert plates (8 of each)
  • Paper napkins (16)
  • Paper cups (for hot and cold beverages – 8)
  • Cutlery set made out of plastic (3 x 8 of each)
  • Table cover made out of plastic
  • 24 cake candles
  • 1 banner that can be personalized with your little one’s name
  • Colorful curling ribbon (1 x), crepe streamer (2 x)
  • Owl Pal danglers
  • 12 latex balloons
  • 6 balloon weights

Owl Pal birthday foil balloons have to be purchased separately. They will make great addition to your themed decor and can even be given as favors to kids who were attending. Other Owl decorations for a birthday party consist in adorable danglers featuring owls and butterflies, Happy Birthday banner with an owl theme, table centerpieces in different designs.

Owl Pal birthday party favors

Wooden Owl Craft Pack

Owl Party Favor Pack

If kids are attending the party, chances are that they expect to get some little gifts afterwards. There are two options for you to choose from when it comes to party favors.

The first one is to opt for an owl shaped pinata that will provide you with a ready-to-go kids activity. This pinata is a colorful one that comes with pull strings so as to enable little ones to better reach their goal.

You can buy the owl shaped pinata and fill it with pinata fillers that you can buy separately.

However the easiest and shortest way to plan party favors for the guests is by getting pre-made party favor boxes that are themed with the Owl Pal design. What’s included in these party favor boxes?

  • A wooden owl craft pack
  • Colorful owl necklace (1)
  • Owl Pal stickers
  • Colorful owl shaped kids lip gloss
  • Candy rolls

Owl birthday party activities for kids

If you don’t find all the supplies you need in the Owl Pal theme, you can select a few ones from other owl party items. Supposing that children are attending your party you will want to keep them occupied and have fun. There are many ways in which you can keep the kids occupied. The first way is getting them their party favor boxes during the party. They include an owl craft pack that will enable them to color an owl. However, you might want to wait till the end of the party before giving them those little gifts.

Luckily for you there are many alternatives to choose from. Girls love crafts and will enjoy the Sew Cute Owl Craft Kit – that consists in 17 felt pieces, rhinestones, yarn, needles (made out of plastic), and more. With such a kit they will be able to create two superb owls.

How about making a owl shaped suncatcher? These are extremely popular these days and both boys and girls will enjoy making them. They are also wonderful decorating items that the kids can keep afterwards and hang on their bedroom window. The kit includes 1 metal frame, colored baking crystals, 1 cup and instruction booklet.

The Foam Owl Craft Kit is a way for kids to express their creativness. The kits include 30 shapes made out of foam and 350 pieces to produce stunning owls. Note that glue is not included in the pack.

Owl Suncatcher CraftCheck PriceOwl Craft KitCheck PriceFoam Owl Craft KitCheck Price

Owl themed birthday party food

Owl Girl - Edible Cake Topper

Owl Girl – Edible Cake Topper

When it comes to the food, it’s up to you to whether offer dinner or host a cake party in the afternoon. For a dinner the best option – so as to save you time in the kitchen – is the buffet. You place all dishes on the tables and guests serve themselves while communicating a lot more than during a formal dinner.

If you plan on hosting an owl birthday party theme which involves a birthday cake to share with friends, then things are simpler. For such an event you have to bake or order a cake or cupcakes that you will serve to your guests. The decoration can be as simple as an edible owl themed cake topper or cupcake toppers. Now you can also opt for owl pics to decorate the cupcakes.

Always make sure that all your guests will love the cakes you order or make. For instance, some might prefer chocolate but will eat vanilla cake without a problem. However the same people might not enjoy a blueberry or raspberry filling…

I hope that these few tips will help you set up the best Owl Pal birthday party theme for your baby’s first anniversary. Have lots of fun and remember to take lots of pictures!

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