January Birthstone Gifts – Garnet

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January birthstone jewelry gifts

January birthstone gifts garnet

January birthstone gifts of jewelry make outstanding presents. As you surely know, some gemstones are associated with a specific month. And the birthstone that is associated with the month of January is the garnet.

Gemstones associated to birth date make it so easy to find ideas for presents. January birthstone gifts are sure to be unique and personal to your gift recipient. Such present can come in the form of a ring, a bracelet, or a pendant.

Each gemstone come with its personal meaning as well. However, these types of gifts are generally conceived for women. But some jewelry makers nowadays create such pieces of art for men too.

Garnet is January birthstone

If there is a January born individual on your gift list, then you can easily find an unique and very personal gift for her. The garnet stands for faith and truth, it is also related to wealth.

The other positive side of the garnet lies in that it is considered as protecting from infections and curing sickness. It is also believed that it can fight against the devil’s bad influence.

You may believe in gemstones meanings or just think it is superstition. But you can also just give them to person you really care for because the garnet is a superb stone that comes in a Burgundy color. Burgundy is a color that adds class and style to any type of piece of jewelry.

Garnet ring gifts

January birthstone gifts can consist in rings. Ring gifts are quite intimate, so you might just want to give a ring to your wife or daughter or granddaughter. This won’t really work well as a present for a friend, a colleague or a neighbor. But truth is that the Garnet is a gem that makes a ring stand out.

Carmesi Garnet RingCheck priceSunset Garnet RingCheck priceDragoneye Ring for MenCheck priceCladdagh Ring with Birthstone – 14kt Yellow Gold Simulated Garnet January Birthstone RingCheck priceWhite Gold Garnet Rings – 14 Karat Heart Shaped Garnet and Diamond Ring 0.005 cts.Check priceMen’s Birthstone Rings – 14k Diamond & Gold Genuine Garnet Birthstone RingCheck price

Garnet bracelet gift ideas

The garnet stone is also a great materials that makes a bracelet stand out. Bracelets are ideal gifts for teens and adults and are useful when it comes to give valuable present to people who are not as close to your heart as your own children or parents.

Silver Garnet Bracelets – Sterling Silver with Genuine 14k Check priceGarnet Jewelry – Garnet Bracelet in 14k GoldCheck priceSilver Garnet Bracelets – Sterling Silver with Genuine 14k Check price

Sterling Silver Garnet Celtic Knot Bangle Cuff Bracelet18k Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver Two-Tone & Diamond Rhodium Plated Garnet Bracelet (14 CT)

January garnet pendants

From old fashioned to new wave, pendants adorned with garnet gemstone make perfect presents for someone born in the month of January.

14kt White Gold Garnet Cross Pendant 3/4Check priceGarnet Pendants – 14 Karat White Gold Heart Shaped Garnet Pendant with Diamonds 0.014 ctsCheck priceEver After Garnet NecklaceCheck priceBertuzzi Fiori NecklaceCheck price

Earrings and garnet

Obviously January birthstone gifts can be earrings for pierced or non-pierced ears. In my humble opinion, silver and garnet earrings will work better for a teenager girl while gold and garnet earrings will be perfect for a woman. But both metals highlight the natural beauty of the gemstone.

Heart Earrings – 14K White Gold Heart Shaped Garnet and Diamond Earrings 0.02 ctsCheck priceRed Garnet Chandelier Earrings – 14k Gold and Beaded Chandelier EarringsCheck priceGiulia Garnet EarringsCheck price

925 Sterling Silver Red Natural Garnet Gemstone Dragonfly Dangle 18k Yellow Gold Plated Sterling Silver Garnet Twisted Hoop Earrings14k White Gold Oval Rhodolite Garnet And Diamond Earrings14K White Gold Oval Garnet and Diamond Figure 8 Earrings

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