About Indigo Janson

Indigo Janson is a creative person who stepped into the world of 3D a few years ago. She was also a freelance writer for many years as well as a photographer. Indigo publishes her own content and designs.

Carnival in Venice Pictures: Costumes, Masks and Intrigue

There’s no carnival quite like the Venice ‘carnevale’. This famous celebration, held each year in February or March (the exact dates change according to Easter), has a rich history and has become an attraction for tourists from around the world. The Venice Carnival is famous for elaborate costumes that hark … Continue reading

Unusual T-Shirts and Gifts to buy for Dad on Father’s Day

Unusual T-Shirts and Gifts to buy for Dad on Father's Day

Odd presents for your Dad At this time of year many of us begin to wonder what gifts to buy for Dad for Father’s Day. Generally speaking, men are not all that easy to buy for. They say they don’t care and that anything will do, but what we really … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Inspirational Love Posters

inspirational love posters for valentines day

Romantic and inspirational love posters for your Valentine Eros and Psyche Poster Inspirational love posters help to set a romantic mood for Valentine’s Day, whether you are throwing a party for friends or having a special meal for two. Of course, there’s no need to keep these romantic art prints … Continue reading

International Talk Like a Pirate Day 2016

international talk like a pirate day

International Talk Like a Pirate Day International Talk Like a Pirate Day is a holiday that was invented by a couple of American men who go by the names of Cap’n Slappy and Ol’ Chumbucket. This dastardly duo had the idea during a game of racquetball and some years later … Continue reading